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Felix NILSSON - Talent and an Iron Will


23. August 2011 - Since he discovered KF3 kart racing, Felix Nilsson (14 years old) has devoted himself 100% to this new sport, which is not just a passion to him. The young Swedish driver who lives in Switzerland is now firmly determined to pursue a career in car racing and he is ready to work hard to succeed. Thanks to his strong personality, Felix had already made himself noticed for his stunning progression in the KF3 international category, though he is one of the less experienced drivers of the group. Now more than ever there is a great future ahead of him...

Felix Nilsson knows high-level competitive sports. For several years he was a member of the prestigious Stockholm ice hockey team. Working on his body, battling in a very competitive environment and continuing to improve his technique are factors that can help him in karting too. Felix made his debut in this discipline later than most of his opponents, but he is making up for lost time thanks to his numerous qualities.

"A good driver is an all-round driver and I never stop working to improve under all points of view", declared Felix. "In F1, for example, Sebastian Vettel impresses me for his capacity to go very fast without making mistakes. Jenson Button is a very thoughtful driver, with great race intelligence. Before he passed to Rally, Kimi Raikkonen distinguished himself for his ability to keep stress under control. He was very calm. As far as I am concerned, I am trying to combine as many qualities as possible to be able to aim very high. Since the first time I drove a kart, I have had this huge eagerness to win, to work my way up and to become, I hope, a F1 driver".

This great determination can also be seen when Felix Nilsson is in the paddock. The young Swedish driver is very much involved within his team. "I like to speak about technical stuff with the people in charge of my assistance. I am very interested in the data acquisition system, which allows me to improve a lot". Just like at school, where he achieves brilliant results, Felix is a worker not satisfied with so-so results.

"I am a driver who never gives up. I know that sport is not easy, but I have already shown I have made huge progress. I love speed and now, I feel much more comfortable during starts and passing manoeuvres. On the other hand, I know that I have to improve in the qualifying phase. In my category, sometimes there are as many as 100 drivers at the start. To be one of the finalists, you need to secure a good place on the grid. I am working in this perspective".

After his good recovery from 27th to 13th place at the South European Trophy in May - which allowed him to punch his ticket for the European final phase -, Felix Nilsson raced at several meetings, mainly in Italy and Spain. "I get faster race after race. Now I really hope I can achieve some good results. I am confident about by capacities to succeed very quickly. My goal is to be good and ready for my second year in KF3, in 2012, and to conquer as many podiums as possible"... Nobody doubts that Felix Nilsson will be among the protagonists in the next few years...

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