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WSK - EURO SERIES - LA CONCA - 26/06/2011

29. Juni 2011 - By climbing first on the third and then on the second step of the podium during the two KF1 races held at Muro Leccese, Nyck De Vries (Zanardi-Parilla) took an important step towards the title of the WSK Euro Series 2011, when there is only one meeting to go. The Dutch karter perfectly managed the exceptional track conditions favoured by a recently resurfaced track and by the heat that hovered above Southern Italy.


Nyck De Vries has frequently had the opportunity to race at the La Conca track in the Lecce area, but he had not yet found asphalt conditions offering such grip. "The track asphalt has been remade with a mix that includes a high grip resin", Nyck commented. "And since it was very hot there - sometimes with not even a puff of wind - the phenomenon was enhanced". But Nyck De Vries and his Zanardi chassis have always felt very comfortable in such conditions. He proved it by setting the fastest time during the first timed qualifying. But he fell short of Super Pole for just 0.5 seconds. "I had a fluid leak from the front brake and I was forced to drive the whole session without using it".

But he went back to first place by winning the two heats that followed, each time with the fastest lap time. "For Final 1, we tried to improve again our level of performance. Unfortunately perhaps we did not choose the best solution. The first laps were difficult and I slipped down to 5th. I pushed to the maximum, I managed to get back in the leader's trail but I had a problem with a back tyre and opted for securing the podium".


The following day started with a retirement in the first heat after a crash with Chris Lock. "I made a small mistake", Nyck confessed, although these things do not happen often to him. He knew there was no room for mistakes in the second heat and moved up from 16th to 6th place. "Together with the team we carried out a thorough analysis to define the best set up for Final 2. I made a good start and managed to get back to 4th place. During the third lap, I gained two more places but the leader - Alexander Albon - had already built a remarkable advantage. I tried to catch him, while leaving the chasing pack in my wake. But it must be said that this time the leader had the best package, I could not do anything about it".

But this excellent second place allowed him to gain a 64-point advantage over Albon, the only driver who could still challenge the Chiesa Corse driver on his way to a new success in the prestigious WSK. Next meeting will be held in Zuera (Spain) for the final act, on a circuit where De Vries has already become World Champion in 2010, European Champion in 2009 and winner of WSK KF3 in 2008!

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