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Nyck De Vries19. April 2011 - Nyck De Vries won the two races held in Portimao (southern Portugal), in the framework of the prestigious WSK Euro Series. With a score of three victories in four meetings, the Dutch kart driver is already leader of the Championship in the top category, KF1, with his Zanardi-Parilla provided by the Chiesa Corse team.

Besides adding two successes to an already long list of victories, it was the way in which he imposed himself in the two races that made Nyck De Vries, this promising hopeful of car racing, very happy. "Since our latest race, a month ago in Italy, we have been able to develop our kart more effectively than our opponents. But I did not expect I could win so easily".

The Portimao circuit is incredibly hard, with all the difficulties a track can hide and there are not even two bends that look alike. The many fast stretches also put engines heavily to the test and Portimao proved to be a perfect playing field to highlight Nyck's skills. Already during the timed qualifying session, he knocked out his opponents and led with an advantage of almost 4 tenths/sec. over his immediate pursuer at the Super Pole.


Saturday continued along the same lines. He went it all alone in his two qualifying heats as well as in the final race, and each time with the best lap time. "Only the second heat caused me some problems, because there was some sand on the track, left by the drivers of the previous race, and the track had become slippery. In the final, Czech driver Groman overtook me right after the start, but I passed him again on the second lap, and then I built up enough advantage not to worry too much about the wear of my tyres".

On Sunday, the sun disappeared and the sky became menacing. Though the first heat was just a formality for Nyck, he had to content himself with a 4th place in the second one, held in light rain. "We were so dominant in dry weather that the change in weather conditions annoyed me quite a bit. But I saved the pole position for the final anyway, although I really hoped it would be held in dry weather".

De Vries' wishes were fulfilled and nobody could challenge his superiority during a very high-paced final race. "I devote a lot of energy to karting as well as to reaching my goals and when I make it to the first step of the podium it is always a great joy. Again, my team and I did what was necessary to achieve this result", the Chiesa Corse driver said at the press conference. With 135 points vs. 64 of the second, Nyck De Vries is once again the man to beat in the WSK Euro Series.

Quelle: KARTCOM - Photos KSP



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