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First Top 5 in KZ1

Visser-Start-KZ103. März 2011 - As at the Winter Cup held two weeks earlier, the sun played hard-to-get in Southern Italy on 25, 26 and 27 February. Heavy rains fell on the La Conca track at the WSK Master Series inauguration and made track conditions extremely difficult. Beitske Visser took advantage of the situation to broaden both her driving and adjustment experience. Through hard work, the Dutch girl constantly improved her level of performance, so much so that he finally entered the top 5 of the karting elite category.

Beitske Visser is now building up solid experience by multiplying her presence at major international events. At almost 16 ( her birthday is next 10 March), she is getting ready to start her future car racing career under the best auspices and she can already boast an enviable list of achievements in karting. Very difficult races such as this 1st round of the WSK Master Series certainly contribute to making this young Dutch girl an even better driver, as proven by how she resorted to all her mental skills to turn a complex situation to her favour.

This is how she explained it:
"The first part of the meeting was difficult. In timed qualifying, the setup of my equipment was not ideal and Saturday's races were held on a very slippery track because of the rain. But despite all this, I kept recovering ground and finished 7th in KZ1 final race. On Sunday, the weather turned to dry again and I continued my progression".
6th and then 8th in the two heats, Beitske was not completely satisfied with the performance of her engine. "We tried to find a solution with the TM engine tune-up specialist and I was much more competitive during the final. I must admit I committed a small mistake and I lost touch with the lead pack, but I did not give up. On the last lap, I passed British driver Gary Catt and concluded in 5th place". An excellent debut for her first real meeting in KZ1...

Reigning Champion
This season, Beitske Visser has decided to defend her WSK Master Series title, which she brilliantly conquered in 2010. But this time, the level of competitors is much higher than last year. "In 2011, I will race in KZ1, the "premier league" of the 125cc gearbox category, while I was still in KZ2 last year. And now my rivals include World champions and European champions. But my determination is still intact. I am determined to win, more than ever".

New Racing Formula
WSK Master Series organisers have modified the weekend timing in the KZ1-KZ2 125cc gearbox categories. The best drivers in this series will now have a final on Saturday and another one on Sunday. A mechanical problem or a collision in one of the races can be made up for in the second final. On the other hand, the pre-final has been eliminated and there are only two qualifying heats. Therefore, drivers have to learn faster how to move to action and adjust their equipment in a very short time. A distinguishing element that Beitske Visser has already assimilated.



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