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15 CHASSIS MAKES SET OUT TO TAKE  THE CIK-FIA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP25. Februar 2011 - The 2011 edition of the CIK-FIA «U18» Karting World Championship will see a fight between more chassis makes than in 2010.

To the 13 brands which in 2010 competed for the world title, taken by Top Kart, two makes will be added: Zanardi and Swiss Hutless.

The former, managed by Dino Chiesa and sponsored by Alessandro Zanardi, covered itself with glory over the last seasons thanks to Nyck de Vries, CIK-FIA European Junior Champion in 2009 and then CIK-FIA World Champion in 2010.

The latter, Swiss Hutless, is one of the historical makes of Karting. After a few years of absence from the international scene, the Swiss Manufacturer has chosen the CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship for its official come-back to competition, under the leadership of Manuel Renaudie, a professional Driver turned Team Manager.

The other makes at the start will be, in alphabetical order: Energy, Haase, Intrepid, Jesolo, Mach 1, Maranello, MS Kart, Parolin, PCR, Righetti Ridolfi, Sodi, Tecno and Top Kart.


«Having again at the beginning of the 2011 season all the makes which took part in the maiden edition of the «U18» World Championship, in 2010, is the best possible token of the success and justification of this competition, explained Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa, the CIK-FIA President. And to see two extra major makes join them is yet another very encouraging sign. I am pleased that all these brands associate themselves to the CIK-FIA’s efforts to promote a World Championship resolutely aimed at youngsters, education and big cost reduction.»

Reserved for 15 to 18 year-olds, this «U18» World Championship is meant to be accessible and its groundbreaking concept aims at the greatest possible equal opportunities. The KF engines (FIM, with the «WKE» marking) and the tyres (LeCont) are distributed by drawing lots and supplied on a free basis to all the Drivers.

Chassis are also allocated by drawing lots from among a minimum set of 20 examples which each make has agreed to submit to the CIK-FIA’s marking. The system indeed implies that every Driver must purchase a new chassis prior to the Championship but it has the huge advantage of guaranteeing an entirely fair treatment for all the users of a make. Even certain accessories such as rear axles, hubs or rims will be identified - on the basis of one single-type per make: a simple, stable, inexpensive and fair method. There is therefore no risk of seeing the appearance during the season of evolutions necessarily costly and possibly reserved for a handful of privileged customers.

Also in order to control costs, it will not be permitted to use karts with front brakes, and every Driver will be allowed to enter only one chassis. However, in the event of an accident, he will be entitled to replace it by a new one, taken at random from the remaining stock of chassis marked before the opening of the Championship. By entering, the Manufacturers have undertaken to be present at each Event in order to provide all of their Drivers with an optimal service and to place at their disposal any spare components which might prove to be necessary.

The CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship will comprise three Events: Ortona (ITA) on 8-10 July, Essay (FRA) on 26-28 August and Bahrain (BHR) on 3-5 November 2011.

Drivers’ entries, limited to 102, will open on Friday 1st April (http://www.cikfia.com/web/karting/webkarting.nsf/entryforms?openview).

Quelle: FIA




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