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17. Dezember 2010 - A little more than one year after CRG Racing Team celebrated the title of World Champion for Arnaud Kozlinski, the team went back to the Coloane circuit in Macao with the same ambitions and the same determination to see a CRG-Maxter on the highest step of the podium. This time luck was not on "Koko"'s side in Super KF, but the KF3 Asia-Pacific Championship was dominated by Matthew Graham, even if it was the British driver's first time on his new kart manufactured by the Italian company.

Matthew Graham did not regret he chose a CRG-Maxter before leaving for Macao to race in the Asia-Pacific Championship. Indeed, Graham put a dominant stamp on the meeting during the whole meeting. "It was a fantastic weekend" Matthew said. "Already during the practice session, I knew I had the right kart to win. I conquered the pole position and then I went on with three victories in the heats. The thing I feared most the day of the final was the rain, but the track remained dry all the time. During the pre-final, I managed once again to make the difference and won with a considerable margin. And in the final I did my best to keep my opponents at bay. My CRG-Maxter was very fast and reliable and I could cross the finish line as winner. It was great! I had hoped for some time to achieve again an international success and I would like to thank the CRG team for contributing to this victory". Matthew Graham also set the best lap time during the final!

Victory in the pre-final, but...

The CRG team moved to Asia with its Super KF drivers also for the International Grand Prix of Macao. Davide Forè, Arnaud Kozlinski, Felice Tiene and Eddy Tinini brilliantly animated the meeting and were immediately in the first 11 places during the timed qualifying session. After fine-tuning his set-up in the qualifying heats, Kozlinski simply shifted to higher gear in the pre-final and won. Tiene's spirits were very high before the final after his third place.
Unfortunately, the decisive race did not turn in CRG-Maxter drivers' favour. "I really hoped I would fight for victory. After my second best time during the timed qualifying session and my victory in the pre-final I felt very confident. Unfortunately one of the tyres kept deflating lap after lap and in the end I had to retire. After my success at the WSK World Series in Egypt, I wanted to conclude the season in beauty, but this is how races go!" the French driver commented with resignation. As for Tiene and Forè, they ended 7th and 8th.


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