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29. März 2010 - In Northern Italy, Nyck De Vries confirmed his perfect mastery of the complex subtleties of Super KF, the elite category of international karting. At the second meeting of the WSK Euro Series, the young Dutch karter concluded his performance with another pole position and several best lap times in race. Unfortunately, he missed a podium finish that was within his reach for a puncture!

Five weeks after the Winter Cup, Nyck De Vries came back to the Lonato circuit, where his race could have not started better. "During timed qualifying, the weather was very unsteady, but the track was dry. So it was important to rapidly find the right pace to set an excellent lap time. That's exactly what I did and it was really great to set some best times ahead of a bunch of drivers much more experienced than I am", Nyck commented. Indeed, this 15 year old Dutch driver skipped the KF3 (Junior) category to go directly to the Super KF. A challenge that Nyck finds highly motivating! Third in his first qualifying heat, the Chiesa Corse driver was betrayed by his engine in the second heat, right when he had just taken the lead of the race. In the third heat, he set the best lap time, but was delayed by a collision and finished only 18th, from where he had to start his recovery for the pre-final. At the wheel of a Zanardi-Parilla always at top performance, Nyck showed an exciting series of passes. His chassis was ballasted with 22 kg to reach the minimum weight of 155 kg, driver included, but he was very agile in bends and managed to reduce braking to the minimum to regain touch with the leaders, little by little. At the end of the race, he reached double World Champion Marco Ardigo and stole the 6th place from him. Nyck posted another best lap time and regained confidence for the final. However, two problems forced him to content himself with 9th place.

"I made a good start. Then, when we reached the tortuous part of the circuit, there was a bit of a brawl and my engine stopped suddenly. Time to activate the starter, and I had already lost several places. I also felt that there was something wrong with the chassis. Later, we realized there was a small puncture: at the arrival one tyre was almost flat. But before the situation got really bad, I had the chance to post the best lap time with 42"607. Technically speaking, we always managed to keep the equipment at the top with the team and I think I really had a chance to conquer a podium, or even win".

2nd at the previous round in Muro Leccese, De Vries is aiming at the third place in the Championship standings and still keeps all his chances intact in the WSK Euro Series. "Now I want to focus on my next race, in Zuera, in Spain. I should have been at the European Super KF Championship on 11 April in Naples, but the International Federation was forced to cancel the event because many teams refused to participate. It is a very regrettable situation", concluded the driver supported by McLaren-F1 Racing Team.

Quelle: PM Kartcom

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